Kastenkonzert #1

Dario Fariello und Eren İleri spielen im Zuge ihrer Black March Tour im Setzkasten Wien. Das erste Konzert unserer Kastenkonzertreihe wird experimentell:

Dario Fariello   I    Alt-Saxophon
Eren İleri   I    Turntable-triggered-Saxophon-Samples

Wo   I   Setzkasten Wien
Wann   I   22. Jänner 2016
Wann genau   I   21:00

„The duo was born in summer 2009 in Istanbul. Eren uses only pre-recorded alto saxophone samples, and Dario plays with/under/on it. The dj plays rhythmically with this switch possibility: scratch and re-composition, superimposing voices.
After some concerts in Austria, Italy and Germany the „sound bank“ evolved: they went back to the studio and recorded more material: long sounds made for scratching, wind sections, static soundscapes and multi-layer compositions.“