Kastenkonzert #9

16.09.2017 | Einlass: 19:00, Beginn: 20:00  |  FB

Live im Setzkasten:

Solo Grisi Weikinger: solo guitar improvisation

FERNWEH / HEIMWEH – Liquid Romance
Expermimental animation film staged with a live sound creation performance

Made out of personal archive pictures and accidental encounters, the film shuttles between wanderlust and homesick, up and down, in and out, or was it the opposite ? It’s a passenger’s smooth poetry on human desire and confusion. It’s a composite of residual experiences, a tale of travelers, beyond space and even further.
The sharp black and white collage aesthetic refers to the silent surrealistic films. But the digital image composed with the use of a computer, is pixelated, incarcerated roughly. Worlds coexist alongside and glare at each other. It is fantasy: superposition of time and spaces. Always living in a transition state, looking for home.
The live performance stage the sound of the film. The performers are not only creating the music of the film, but they aslo interprete all the dialogues and voice over as an additive part of the story. Digital fixed media and live art melt together in order to create a temporal paradigm. Trailer


Country : France-Austria.
Languages : English, german, french
Director : Florine Mougel
Sound performance: Daniel Stimmeder, Tanja Fuchs, Moritz Morast

Live in der Zwischendecke:

Solo Performance von Muyassar Kurdi (NYC)

‘Completely concentrated upon her bizarre ritual, the singer – dressed in black – emits tortured vocalisations and cries worthy of Yoko Ono in full flight… It’s incredibly in-​ your-​ face and perturbing but makes you smile too: the sheer pleasure of making a racket.’ ​ L’Alsace ​ (France)

Albums:​ muyassarkurdi.bandcamp.com

Travelling (10 minutes, 2017) is a short 16mm movement film exploring gravity, vunlerability, spaces between spaces, visual rhythm, and presence.

Director, actress, composition, choreography: Muyassar Kurdi
Director of Photography: Rachel Rosheger
Music: Nicholas Jozwiak
Audio Mastering: Alex Inglizian at Experimental Sound Studio

Wann? Samstag 16. September 2017
Wann genau? Einlass 19.00, Konzertbeginn 20:00
Wo? Setzkasten, Hernalser Hauptstraße 29, 1170 Wien