Bill Etra Memorial Jam Vienna

7.10.2017  |  Bill Etra Memorial Jam Vienna  |  From 20:00  |  FB NY  |  FB Vienna
An art party to celebrate Bill Etra, an Artist credited with helping to make video an art form through the invention of the Rutt-Etra synthesizer. Etra made seminal works alongside pioneers like Nam Jun Paik. 
Share will have a 2-hour session as part of the 12-hour LIVE BROADCAST in New York, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Buffalo, London, Fort Collins, Seoul and Setzkasten Vienna.
20:00-23:30 Openjam in Vienna (simultaneous with openjam between 14:30-16:30 EST)
23:30-0:00 Keiko Uenishi (audio/Vienna) performs with Katherine Liberovskaya (visuals/NYC)
0:00~ Hanging out
Please feel free to Contact Stefan via mail if you’d like to join
Free admission! Open to everyone!
Confirmed performers in Vienna:
Masha Godovannaya, Stefanie Zingl, Keiko Uenishi, Guillermo Tellechea, Gilbert Waltl, Chora Malik, Stefan Voglsinger (and many more!)
Wann? Freitag 7. Oktober 2017
Wann genau? 20:00
Wo? Setzkasten Wien, Hernalser Hauptstraße 29 1170 Wien
 Fotos: Keiko Uenishi