Heute war leider Gestern 1957

15.12.2017  |  Heute war leider Gestern – Setzkasten extern* LIVE  |  19:00  |  FB

setzkasten extern* travelling in time
invents itself
welcome back then
before its too late yesterday
setzkasten would like to invite you to a night

an evening


after various setzkasten extern* events this summer we come back home, back then.
setzkasten is ticking backwards and is visiting the parfümshop from the 50’s on Hernalser’s main street with a performative stilllife.
pass and reach the top of an inversion spiral.
turn now.

Crew: Maria Koller, Michael Sarcault, Guillermo Tellechea, Margot Wehinger, Mathias Müller, Stefan Voglsinger and many more

when? 15. December 1957
when exactly? 19:00
Where? Hernalser Hauptstraße 29

In Kooperation mit dem Kulturnetz-Hernals. Setzkasten ist Mitglied von Basis Kultur Wien.

bkw gross fertig knh