Mamka Lable Presentation, Single Release chicken & Kastenkonzert #17

24.11.2018, 19:00
Presentation of the Label MAMKA and Single CHICKEN in Vienna:
Exhibition Opening & Performance

Natascha Gangl – voice & toys
Maja Osojnik – vocals & electronics
Matija Schellander – voice & modular synthesizer & electronics


Dario Fariello – saxophones
Antti Virtaranta – double bass
Thiébault Imm – guitar

Farantimm is a meeting of three listeners, who want to challenge and expand the way we play music together. What is music? What is interplay? To which degree can we have harmony in unhomogeneousness? Different genres are played at the same time against each other, polyrhythm and polyharmony are used as a starting point to build live sound collages. Antti Virtaranta’s atonal lines are enriched by amplified collateral contrabass sounds that contribute rhythmically to the trio’s instant compositions. Thiébault Imm uses feedbacks and prepared amplified guitar to access a dimension between acoustic and electric that is not necessarily loud, but can magnify small subtleties and nuances. His guitar can sound like a bass, a bird, or get some qualities of bowed low-pitched instruments, like cello or double bass. Dario Fariello’s saxophone melodies are played skipping forward and backward, melted together, contaminated with small noises in order to obtain musical neologisms. Phrases are multi-narrative, somehow cubist, continuing on different levels, telling different stories at the same time, and different moments of the same story at the same time. Farantimm is a provocation: looking at music and band clichés through the deforming mirror of irony seems the only way to touch the real meaning behind it: what is music? what is a band? Can independent musical layers inform each other on a different, indirect level?

Jack Noise Syndrom und StÖrenFrieD
Steffen Koritsch – D.I.Y. electronics
Alwin Weber – Circuit Bended Instruments

After the Workshop one day before (23.11.) Steffen Koritsch aka Noise Syndrom and Alwin Weber aka StÖrenFrieD are going to perform their D.I.Y. electronics and noisy circuits.

24.11.2018, 19:00
Hernalser Hauptstraße 29/4, 1170 Vienna

in Kooperation mit der Zwischendecke.


MAMKA RECORDS (mamka = slovenian granny) is a new Viennese label, born out of the longing for a space where each and every production is seen and celebrated as a distinct artwork, and one-of-a-kind in its own right. MAMKA doesn’t bake cakes (or only rarely). Rather, it whips up musical pralines, by hand, and with much love.

MAMKA RECORDS opens with a release of two songs (CHICKEN, DIE TOTEN/THE DEAD) from the sound-comic WENDY PFERD TOD MEXICO (#neon-western #audio-diverse #sound-comic). Premiered and taking 1st place at the Berlin Audio-Play Festival/Berlinerhörspielfestival, the piece
celebrated its first broadcast in Radio Art – Kunstradio (Ö1) in 2018. The work is a production of the electro-acoustic duo Rdeča Raketa (Maja Osojnik, Matija Schellander) and the author Natascha Gangl.


Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von SKE Fonds, Basis Kultur Wien, Ma7 und Kulturnetz Hernals.


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