Kastenkonzert #21

24. Mai 2019 | Kastenkonzert #21  |  Einlass 19:00  |  FB

Setzkasten Guests: In its own Tempo and Sinan Ilhan Solo

„In it’s own Tempo“ Kollaboriert mit Setzkasten Wien

The ensemble researches on textures and silence, drones and noise using acoustic and amplified instruments, objects, high voltage relays and voice. This time in collaboration with Setzkasten Wien – Improvisations and Realtime Compositions in different constellations with: Marina Poleukhina, Alexander Chernyshkov, Johanna Nielson, Maria Koller, Madi Piller(CAN), Stefan Voglsinger

Sinan IlhanSolo

Sinan Ilhan is a Vienna based composer from Istanbul who focuses on analog sound and sampling. His music is primarily analog-based an often uses drum machines and self-built synthesizers. He plays drums with local bands and collaborates with experimental music acts. At the sam time he also enjoys producing and performing electronic dance music for dance floors under the alias SPEEK. All this different approaches combined influence his relationship with melody and bass. Refreshing, rebellious and playful, his sound is bold and self-assured.Sinan_Ilhan.jpg

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von MA7 Wien Kultur, BKA, SKE Fonds www.ske-fonds.at und Basis.Kultur.Wien.

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