Versatzstücke IV / Kastenkonzert #26

6. Dezember 19:00 | FB

~~new multi-disciplinary performance series at Setzkasten~~

this time with:

Marina Poleukhina(RU) – light composition
Clemens Hausch – multichannel electronics
chora malik – text & performance
Isabella Forciniti – electro acoustics
Stefan Voglsinger – performance
Denny Voch – video feedback system
Joni Void (CAN) – sounds of time travel experiments

„Versatzstücke“ is an evolving procedural performance in which individual events run side-by-side or against each other simultaneously, interrupting or advancing.

In the transformative narrative, the media used change from homemade circuits to modified musical instruments, slide and film projectors and typewriters to the human body.

When? Friday 6.12.2019
When exactly? 19:00
Where? Setzkasten, Hernalser Hauptstraße 29, 1170 Wien

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von MA7, BKA, SKE Fonds und Basis.Kultur.Wien.

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