Setzkasten LIVE II

23.5.2020  |  20:00  |  FB

Setzkasten is transmitting, connecting parallel universes and expanding the medium –
another night of international collaborations, online premieres and experiments.23. May 2020  |  Begins at 20:00 CET (UTC +1)  |  FBon echoraeume.klingt.org20:00 Kastenkonzert #31
IV. POST-CRISIS REMEMBRANCE – M. Kardinal & Monocube
An audio-visual remembrance through post-crisis moments of urban landscapes and their sounds reflecting on contemporary crisis eventssuch as disasters, and other critical incidents.
Created from found footage of urban environment – in particular archive material from Berlin – the running magnetic tape will be analogue manipulated with a modified video mixer. The visual motifs interact with the music of Monocube and vice versa. Based on analogue synthesizer and field recordings, he fills the space with a nervous, dreadful energy.


Die Schrödingergleichung wird in den fünfdimensionalen Raum übertragen – sie transformiert in Form einer akustischen Differentialgleichung die zeitliche Veränderung des quantenmechanischen Bildzustands eines nichtrelativistischen Systems.
Philip Leitner & Stefan Voglsinger

21:00 CoroNation: An Interpenetration Collaboration mit “Setzkasten” 二番

Maja Osojnik presents MAMKA RECORDS (mamka = slowenisch Omilein)
“buy my art, before I die”


MAMKA RECORDS is a new Viennese label, born out of the longing for a space where each and every production is seen and celebrated as a distinct artwork, and one-of-a-kind in its own right.
MAMKA releases statements. Small, but mighty, the label finds its home in all kinds of formats, apart from preexisting norms and technical standards.
MAMKA serves no market. Instead, it serves artists as a platform for their experimental position. At the interface between contemporary experimental music, fine art, literature, handmade electronics and love for detail, MAMKA symbolizes risk, confrontation, benevolent radicalism and the implicitness of the unique. MAMKA is a label for those who revolt, rebel, demand and ask questions.

KMET „viral period“  
video 1:
Are you ping or are you pong? 
Text: Maria, Ellie, Gabriella, Peter 
Duration: 6min 47
players: A + F
music video voice: KMET
video 2: 
$1000 a day 
text:  a friend from nyc 
duration: 5min 13
music video voice: KMET
Repeating habits, repeating routes and routines, repeating games. Portraits of narrowness. Portraits of wideness.
Where do you choose to look and put your focus on? The words come out of different pandemic areas around the globe.
Friendly exchange of war poems of love, luck, hurt and despair.

21.30 Pix Film Collaboration
Madicare: audiovisual experiment
The research on WORMHOLE IV aims to connect places acoustically and visually, to distort them in time and to decipher them locally – online and in real world.

22:00 Fuck Club Leeds
FUCKCLUB is a live art night in Leeds with immersive theatrical elements that extend past the cabaret format. We’ve made it our mission to consume, digest and assimilate radical and abrasive live art. Send us some spam And Spice up ya fucking lives, ya fucking spiceheads.

… as well as some specials and Cinèmtons from the Collection of Guillermo Tellechea (Artoutput) Portraitserie, Super8, Oneshot, 200sec


echoraeume is an open source initiative to empower ongoing cultural life during times of corona crisis. We are not a service provider, we are a community based project. Contributers are responsible for the content of their own hosted event and for finding their own ways of providing content. We aim to create an open-source, non-proprietary platform, where small and medium sized organizers can continue to host events, invite artists and therefore buffer the upcoming cultural drop out.

In times of normality, art is there to interrogate if there’s a crisis.
In times of crisis, art is there to maintain normality.

So, let’s keep going and live solidarity! Stay healthy and tuned!

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