Soundwalk III

18.6.2022 | Soundwalk III | 16.00-22.00
Setzkasten / modul / Vronihof /Sandkasten Syndikat / Floating Sound Gallery 

octophonic compositions, public showing and window front installations

Roma Gavryliuk & Martin Simpson | Alarming | 2022

“…They are dissolving into the sound of the sirens that ruthlessly accompany their
reality in the morning, afternoon, and evening. These sirens are like a leitmotif, a musical
accompaniment to the relentless distortion of the truth. They simultaneously mesmerize,
make you forget what is happening around you, dissolve into piercing intervals, at the same
time lead to horror, animal fear and remind you of the possibility that this sound сan be the
last one heard.”

Stefan Voglsinger & Patrizia Ruthensteiner | fēnix | 2018

Electronic impulses run through frozen veins of preserved organic matter – Sound slowly drips through resistance.

Sunlight collected via solar cells feeding three integrated circuits connected with self-etched circuit boards and galvanized maple seeds produce impulses of discharging capacitors. Amplified and transmitted through the window front glass surface via transducers, the installation becomes an instant three channel composition controlled by sunlight and the shadows of it’s visitors.


Patrick K.-H.
fwer, 2020-2022, 8 channels, 24’05“ 


Schaufenster Artefakte, 

Stefan Voglsinger & Patrizia Ruthensteiner: fēnix, 2018


Schaufenster Artefakte, 

Roma Gavryliuk & Martin Simpson: Alarming, 2022

Sandkasten Syndikat

KlubMøntage Residency public showing

Francesca Centonze / Joanna Coleman / Elet.Je / Markus Liszt /  Sandro Nicolussi / Daniel Nuderscher / Daphne v Schrader / David Pridal


Die Veranstaltung wird gefördert von MA7 Stadt Wien Kultur, BMKOES, ske-fonds ( und Basis.Kultur.Wien.