Kastenkonzert #38

17.12.2022 | Kastenkonzert#38 | modul – Hernalser Hauptstrasse 31 | Doors 19:00

9abriela – Solo

Through the use of electronic, digital and analogue devices, the music project 9abriela is an exploration of memory and media. The reconfiguration of found materials, synthetic tunes, sound recordings is an approach to composition, from which a palette of noise and disruptive soundscapes emerges.

Gabriela Gordillo is a visual artist born Mexico City, based in Austria since 2015. She works on the topic of time, logue and displacement through multidisciplinary processes. Together with Stella Markidi, she is part of *PZFTK duo*.

Foto: Sara Piñeros


Swedek sind nicht die melodischste Band, aber sie haben eine Menge schöner Vocals. Mit anderen Worten, es ist so, als ob du auf der Bühne von The Wild stehen würdest, du kannst ein paar Riffs und etwas Gesang erwarten. Der einzige Unterschied ist, dass man keine Vocals und keine Riffs und keinen Gesang hat. 

Oswald Berthold via textsynth.com


Mattersdorfer / Lackner / Kaplan
bass / guitar / drums

Touching GroundsMaartje Pasman: Dance * Stefan Voglsinger: Electronics & Objects

In their new performance Stefan Voglsinger and Maartje Pasman are researching on the intersection of movement, noise music and installation. They developed the piece during their travels through Indonesia and a Residency at Rumah Lifepatch Yogyakarta in October 2022. The act of listening becomes a spatial experience that is shared with the audience. Feedback drones, field recordings and repetitive rhythms form the sound to a hypnotic dance in a slow process of arriving. Vienna Premiere!

Die Veranstaltung wird gefördert von MA7 Stadt Wien Kultur, BMKOES und Basis.Kultur.Wien.