Answerphone Lab Workshop

10.3.2017  |  13:00
Simon Schäfer`s Answerphone Lab hosted by Circuit Cooking
Unbedingt mitbringen: Digitaler Anrufbeantworter vom Flohmarkt oder Willhaben
Workshopkosten: 40€ (bitte zum WS mitbringen)Answerphone lab Workshop by Simon SchäferDigital answering machines are obsolete.
They litter our world as ancient relics of the pasts‘ communicational habits. You see them more in thriftshops, on fleamarkets or just lying around on the street than you see them next to a landline telephone. If you have to pay for one, it will be less than the price of a beer. Also, they are essentially digital samplers with slightly awkward interfaces. Apart from recording calls, they usually come with a function to record memos, sometimes up to several minutes. So, while not exactly uber pro gear, they are suprisingly versatile instruments you can get for next to nothing. With a few reasonably easy mods, we will unleash their full potential by making them pitchable, installing in- and outputs and adding crazy circuit bending noise madness. These modifications usually work with most kinds of digital answerphone and should be doable in a few hours even for beginners.Answerphone Orchestra Performance
(anschließend mit den gebauten Instrumenten um 20:00 im Moe)

Each participant of the workshop becomes an official member of the international Answerphone orchestra, which, in addition to playing a concert shortly after the workshop, will become a huge cultural phenomenon over time, spanning the world with a vast network of answerphonists, uniting cultures through the use of musical instruments to eventually enable world peace. Or something like that.

Wann? Freitag 10. März 2017
Wann genau? Workshopbeginn 13:00, Performance 20:00 im Moe
Wo? Setzkasten, Hernalser Hauptstraße 29, 1170 Wien & Moe, Thelemanngasse 4/1, 1170 Wien

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