Artist in Residence Stephanie Castonguay

An experimentalist at heart, self- taught Stephanie Castonguay has become a wiz at her craft, constantly refining her DIY instruments and inviting us into her inventive audiovisual universe. Anchored in materiality, their approach to sound and electronic circuitry is processual: she disassembles and repurposes small, obsolete, barely audible machines to reveal the resonance, glitches and random sounds unexpectedly hidden within. Their work has been presented in Montreal and abroad, such as LAB30, Instruments Make Play, STEIM, MUTEK, Tsonami Sound Art Festival, Athens Digital Arts Festival, Musica Ex Machina Festival, Sight & Sound.

Her performance at Les Percéides festival in 2018, Elettronica Povera, gave life to abandoned electronic objects, such as small fans, scanner heads and long-forgotten toys, by revealing the complex sound matter of their still-functional electric currents. With the installation Floating Gound, she treated electronic circuits with a chemical compound, disrupting the circuit through crystal-forming oxidation and reconnecting ti with sound-activating drops of seawater. Motivated by open practices and DIT culture, she has led hands-on sound workshops for artists, communities and families in Montréal, Tunis, Casablanca, Dakar and beyond. Based in Montréal/Tiohtiá:ke, she is part of AMPLIFY D.A.I. and is an active member of the artist centre perte de signal.